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Jack Frost: The End Becomes the Beginning

The Guardians' powers are given the ultimate test as they journey to the moon itself in this fifth and final chapter book adventure of an epic series from William Joyce.The Guardians came together to protect the childhoods of all who dream, and they are a formidable team: Nicholas St. North, E. Aster Bunnymund, Toothiana, the Sandman, Nightlight, and Katherine have thus far ...

Title : Jack Frost: The End Becomes the Beginning
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Number of Pages : 384 pages
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Jack Frost: The End Becomes the Beginning Reviews

  • Kevin

    An enjoyable conclusion to this enjoyable series. Would be interesting to go back and reread them in a row to get a better sense of how they all connect. I enjoyed the history of Jack Frost and the way it tied the history of the Guardians together.

  • Sarah

    The cover does not match the others somehow. It's just a close up of Jack Frost's face. I worry if I own this series physically one day the covers will clash with one another. I don't like it. I have an image in my mind as to how it could match the others in the series, and it doesn't look anything like this. Sigh.

    Maybe they will change the book's cover?

    (view spoiler)

  • Stephanie

    Sweet, fluffy end to this highly imaginative children’s series. No real twists or surprises, just everything as it ought to be.

    My only nay, is that half the book was exposition and flashbacks. I prefer my action to happen in the present.

  • Rylan Perkins



    I've always been a fan of the Guardians- I was hooked from the first chaper of "Nicholas Saint North and the Battle of the Nightmare King", and I gotta say, this was a wonderful conclusion to a wonderful series.

    Seeing how the titular characters grow and fit so snugly into their current counterparts is almost satisfying to watch, in a bittersweet way.

    Nightlight "grows up" to become Jack Frost, and in the end, he deserves the title change. He's still a noble hero, but he's just...

  • Nicole Dust (hiatus)

    GOLLY, that was one heck of an ending.

    Was it worth the three years of waiting? Sure. If only for the constant fangirling I went through while reading this.

    Two small things that I wish could have been different.

    -There was SO MUCH EXPOSITION in this book. SO MUCH. I personally don’t mind reading super-long explanations of characters’ pasts, but even this was a bit too much. Literally, half the book was storytelling. Just a warning there.

    -From what I had understood, this book series and Rise of th

  • Kristel

    Lovely conclusion of an overall lovely series. Magical and intriguing! Loved the characters, how they evolved, fought, cared, and loved. Will miss them for sure!

    Loved Jack, how he was born and how he became the Jack Frost we all love. The movie is amazing, one of my very favourites, and this book was just as amazing: different but wit the same emotions and magic.

    Jack has a piece of my heart. Always.

    RTC maybe, I'm so late with reviews!!

  • Jason Fett

    An amazing end to the greatest stories I have ever read.

  • Kellen Welch

    *sobs at how much I need this book to be out*

    I'm usually pretty patient, but this series has changed that.