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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4


Title : Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4
Author :
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ISBN : -
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Number of Pages : 44 pages
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #4 Reviews

  • Kevin Richards

    Poor Harvey

    A choice and regret for a path not taken leads Sabrina to think she was mistaken - perhaps there's still a chance to get back to true romance...time for Sabrina to put away her tissue, and for us all to move on to the next issue!

  • Melissa

    Dang...another dark volume.

    I kind of hope this ISN'T how the CW show will be. -- YIKES!

  • Grecia Robles

    Este me hizo llorar es muy triste, pobre Sabrina

    De los 4 que he leído es mi favorito.

  • Monsour

    Bye bye birdie

  • Kate

    Love the cover of this! In which Sabrina has emotions about Harvey, and did I mention how much I like Ambrose? And how Sabrina's aunts are really quite frightening?

  • Mathew Carruthers

    Still going strong on story

    Still digging the retro style illustration, too. This is a seriously dark reimagining of Sabrina and the other characters from the world of Archie comics - I like it a lot.

  • Lu

    4.5/5 ★

    ¡No! este rompió mi corazón en pedazos, pobre Sabrina, ahora temo por lo que esté dispuesta hacer.

    La tía Hilda y Zelda muy malvadas (no me acostumbro a ello) y esto se está poniendo cada vez mejor.

  • Yolanda Sfetsos


    I can't believe THAT happened. Honestly didn't see it coming. Although, I should've. Should have known the path this comic book series is heading down gets darker and darker, and that nothing is off limits.

    Yikes! I need a sec to process this. Not because of my attachment to the character, but because of Sabrina's.

    Anyway, a LOT happens in this issue. And we even have a cameo from some Riverdale guys. Namely, Veronica and Betty, who really get a shock. That Madam Satan's such a kidder. 😜