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Boneseeker: Here Walk the Dead

Arabella Holmesyes, daughter of that Holmeswants to return to her job as a purveyor of abnormal science. She has temporarily been demoted to a botanist, until her love interest, Henry Watsonyes, that Watsoncan help her get her less-than-professional outbursts in check.Henry is tired of his new role as doctor, tired of the lack of adventure, and tired of keeping Bella's escap...

Title : Boneseeker: Here Walk the Dead
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 1944816569
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Number of Pages : 250 pages
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Boneseeker: Here Walk the Dead Reviews

  • Amy

    Here Walk the Dead continues the story of the children of Sherlock Holmes and Dr John H Watson in this second installment of The Boneseeker Chronicles series. Arabella Holmes and Dr Henry Watson finds themselves in yet another mystery of solving the disappearance of five women. Henry finds himself trying to save Arabella from danger. This is one suspense filled and fun read. I had to have it read in one sitting.

    I give Here Walk the Dead four and a half stars. I hope there will be another book i

  • Renee Baldi

    Overall I thought this was a pleasant read, I didn't know this was the second book until after I'd started it, but I did not count anything lost on me against its rating. Brynn writes in first-person with ease and despite it switching around to other characters she flawlessly writes from each one's pov. I think it was my overall lack of belief that Holmes would have a daughter that had made me skeptical (stop correcting me autocorrect, I'm American) of Arabella, but if he ever would have been wr ...more