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The Sun and Her Flowers

From Rupi Kaur, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of milk and honey, comes her long-awaited second collection of poetry. A vibrant and transcendent journey about growth and healing. Ancestry and honoring ones roots. Expatriation and rising up to find a home within yourself.Divided into five chapters and illustrated by Kaur, the sun and her flowers is a journey of wilt...

Title : The Sun and Her Flowers
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ISBN : 1449486797
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Number of Pages : 256 pages
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The Sun and Her Flowers Reviews

  • Sara Hunt

    I hadn't read Milk and Honey so came to this book with no preconceived expectations. As a big fan of poetry I love to find new poets who inspire me and make me question my own view of the World. I enjoy reading poems that are hard hitting and don't shy away from the brutality of the World today. Rupi's poems in this her second book are written with love and from the heart. The offer a glimpse into the life Rupi has lead and the trials and tribulations she has gone through to get where she is tod ...more

  • C.G. Drews

    This was really beautiful and brutal! I totally confess I haven't read poetry in like...forever. I'm kind of terrified of it?! I generally don't "get it" and spent my entire highschool life learning to sprint in order to get away from it. Tbh I'm a great sprinter now so things work out wow go me.

    However, I really did want to give this a go when I was sent it for review and I'm really really glad I did! It's like so empowering and the words were pretty and like?!?? I think I really like this typ

    this place makes me

    the kind of exhausted that has

    nothing to do with sleep

    and everything to do with the people around me

    - introvert


    is vitual

    otherwise the butterfly

    surrounded by a group of moths

    unable to see itself

    will keep trying to become a moth

  • The Girl Murdered by Her TBR

    4.25 STARS!!!!

    “I hear a thousand kind words about me and it makes no difference yet I hear one insult and all confidence shatters - focusing on the negative."

    This quote was like a punch in a gut. I felt guilt, shame, and realization when I read it because honestly, I am like that.

    Rupi Kaur did it again. Her brutally honest poems stirred up something inside me. A year ago, I read milk and honey and I was quite surprised of how personal, vulgar and relatable it was. But this book? I personally

  • Claudia Ramírez

    I love Rupi Kaur.

  • may ❀

    Am I reading this book bc my reading challenge is getting a little out of control??? Psshshhhhh no, of course not why would you think something so preposterous ????

    Anyways so I read Milk and Honey last year and I sorta loved it and when I HEARD there was another one I was like yes this woman can write gimme some more

    And that’s what this book is

    But its better than milk and honey imo

    why is it

    that when the story ends

    we begin to feel all of it

    the illustrations are ABSOLUTELY perfection, I love t ...more

  • Jennifer

    Rupi Kaur has again delivered a palpable collection of perspective on varying issues of significance that range from love to heartbreak and all the things in between. I leave this experience feeling grateful, beautiful, and incredibly empowered. I am in love with this woman's writing.

    Note: There are a few repeated poems from Milk and Honey but much of this material felt very fresh.

    My favorite quote: One of my many favorite poems:

    i reduced my body to aesthetics

    forgot the work it did to keep me a

  • Whitney Atkinson

    4.5 Stars

    Wow. Let me say I had low expectations going into this, but I was so wrong. Backstory: I'm not a fan of milk & honey. It's not a style I enjoy at all, and the entire book just felt too Tumblr and cheesy and simplistic. this blew me away. it's so different, fresh, and jaw-dropping.

    it’s interesting to see how her writing has grown and evolved. there are very few short poems (unlike m&h), which i was thankful for, because in m&h it seemed like she would just write sentences wit

  • Elyse Walters


    The range of emotions are all felt ... sadness, anger, loss, grief, pride, guilt, fear, nervousness, shame, joy, surprise, love ....

    These stories/ poems are heartfelt...

    rupi kaur is a lovely gift to the world.

    “for so long i was lost in a place where there was no sun, where there grew no flowers. but something i loved would emerge and bring me to life again”.

    I love “Milk and Honey”...

    and I equally love “the sun and her flowers”. The one complaint is that I wanted to buy this book