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The Prophet Calls

Born into a polygamous community in the foothills of New Mexico, Gentry Forrester feels lucky to live among Gods chosen. Here, she lives apart from the outside world and its evils.On her thirteenth birthday, Gentry receives a new violin from her father and, more than anything, she wants to play at the Santa Fe Music Festival with her brother, Tanner. But then the Prophet cal...

Title : The Prophet Calls
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ISBN : 1499807554
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Number of Pages : 288 pages
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The Prophet Calls Reviews

  • Luciana Babocci

    What an interesting read!

    It's a story about a 13 year old who is born in a cult in which the Prophet dictates what is right and what is wrong. Gentry feels very fortunate to be a part of God's chosen as they are taught that the outside world is evil, that the more wives and children you have, the better your end reward, etc.; however, she begins to question many things especially the outlawing of music in her community. She and her brother Tanner are accepted to play in a music festival far from

  • Sandy

    Gentry lives in Watchful, a community in New Mexico, with her 3 moms, 21 brothers/sisters and 80 cousins while the Prophet is in Texas, in prison. There are other families living in this compound, all of them are one of God’s Chosen according to the Prophet. They have been warned about the individuals living outside their walls. At the age of 13, children are not allowed to play anymore and for Gentry, that also means she couldn’t play her most prized possession, her violin.

    Gentry has just turn

  • Jen Petro-Roy

    A fantastic debut, this book kept me gripped to the pages.

  • Hallie

    Thanks to the @kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book- all opinions are my own.

    The Prophet Calls is an excellent debut middle grade novel that provides a glimpse into a world that many readers are unfamiliar with. Gentry is a 13 year old girl who lives in a polygamist community in New Mexico and is now facing the challenge of being considered a woman and no longer a little girl. Melanie Sumrow has written a powerful book about a girl at a crossroads. She carefully documents Gen

  • Polly Holyoke

    Melanie Sumrow’s powerful debut novel, The Prophet Calls, is a coming of age story with a fascinating setting. Raised in an isolated polygamous community in New Mexico, Gentry Forrester adores her family and her music. More than anything, Gentry longs to play her violin at the Sante Fe Music Festival with her big brother Tanner. But the community’s Prophet, who controls every aspect of their lives, calls from prison and forbids all forms of music and decrees that females can no longer leave the ...more

  • R.L.

    An emotionally adventurous tale, this story features life in a religious compound, under the thumb of a Prophet and the stifling expectations of a polygamous community. This is life as "God's chosen people." The problem, however, is that Gentry Forrester is not only a strong-willed 13-year-old girl, but she also (1) loves music and (2) adores her family. As the Prophet exercises his control over the community from the confines of prison, Gentry is faced with a decision: obey his orders, or liber ...more

  • Cassie Thomas

    I have never read anything like The Prophet Calls, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy the story. Think student level Handmaid's Tale. I found myself feeling completely emotional in wanting to help children in circumstances such as Gentry's that are beyond their control. I felt disgusted reading, but I couldn't stop. Everything Melanie wrote is accurate on so many levels, but also written in a way that students will be able to comprehend, question, and then inquire about. Yes, they live in a po ...more

  • Ms. Yingling

    ARC provided by publisher

    Gentry lives with her very extended family in a small community in New Mexico. They are led by the Prophet, and her father is one of the elders in the community. He has three wives, and many children who attend school in the Prophets house, since he has been in prison for a few years. The boys learn survival skills, and the girls learn homemaking and other skills that will make them good wives and mothers. Gentry isn't happy that she has to stop playing games when she tu