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This Splintered Silence

Lindley Hamilton has been the leader of the space station Lusca since every first-generation crew member on board, including her mother, the commander, were killed by a deadly virus.Lindley always assumed shed captain the Lusca one day, but she never thought that day would come so soon. And she never thought it would be like thisstruggling to survive every day, learning how ...

Title : This Splintered Silence
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 0062484923
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Number of Pages : 368 pages
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This Splintered Silence Reviews

  • trufflebooks

    3.75/5 ⭐. Great thriller, full RTC once I've got my writing mojo back x

  • Sya

    Thrilling, chilling and altogether unputdownable the predictability of the core whodunnit doesn't take away from the overall success of this creepy space opera. Sadly it features a rather dull love triangle but hopefully that will be swiftly resolved in any sequel as the romance feels shoehorned into what is otherwise a tight plot that would have benefited more from exploring the strong friendships involved than any non-platonic relationships. This, however, didn't stop me reading it in one sitt ...more

  • Faye, la Patata

    First book read this year, and it was quite an underwhelming read.

    Unfortunately, I didn't get too invested in it so I probably won't be giving a hardcore, gif-infested, raging review, but here's basically it:


    I'm not sure if it was simply the writing, or if it's just the main character's voice that kept repeating their sentiments with the same words in different patterns every time. You know, when they feel this ONE SPECIFIC THING, but they just had to go about it dramatically fo

  • Kelly Chaplin

    *3.5 stars*

    My heart is still pounding.

    When Lindley steps up to take command of the remaining survivors on her ship after an extremely contagious virus wipes out the adults, I couldn't help but be proud. Score one for teenagers.

    It was quite an interesting ride, trying to guess what was happening (and trust me, there is a LOT happening), I can't even begin to understand how these tough teens pulled it off. And, I think that's part of the problem I had with this book, that everything that transp

  •  Amelia

    Before I start with the review, can I just say that this whole situation reminded me a bit of The 100? The MC is a strong girl who has to become a leader because there are no adults around and she has to make all sorts of tough choices - sometimes she's right, sometimes she's not - and she has a close circle of friends who help her, but don't always agree with her. Clarke is that you?

    And yes, of course this review will only contain The 100 GIFs because I'm dedicated like that.

    First of all, let'

  • Julia

    3.5 stars. I think most of my issues with this book come from the odd framing of it. We never get to see any kind of "normal" on the ship, and all of the plague that happened is dispassionately summed up to us in the first couple of pages. Since we have no baseline for how these characters interact when they're not dealing with all of this stuff, their relationships feel shallow and don't make sense. We're told several times that the core group of 4 were really great friends, and we see some of ...more

  • Amber (Books of Amber)

    I didn't finish this book because I didn't like the writing style. Every sentence was so horribly dramatic. You know that character in Inside Out who says "I would die for Riley" in THAT voice? It was like that. Every. Single. Sentence.

  • ║ madalin ║

    3.5/5 stars!

    Such an interesting story with lots of twists, but I couldn’t connect with the story as well as I did Sandcastle Empire... :(

    I’m pretty sure it’s just me being distracted by the stress of finals week approaching, but I’m bummed I didn’t love this more. Kayla is the sweetest person ever and I love her unique writing style, so though this wasn’t a new favorite, I’ll obviously pick up everything else she ever writes in the future.

    longer RTC! (eventually)