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Craven Manor

Daniel is desperate for a job. When someone slides a note under his door offering him the groundskeepers position at an old estate, it seems too good to be true.Alarm bells start ringing when he arrives at Craven Manor. The mansions front door hangs open, and leaves and cobwebs coat the marble foyer. Its clear no one has lived there in a long time.But an envelope waits for h...

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Craven Manor Reviews

  • Kimberly

    CRAVEN MANOR, by Darcy Coates, is a supernatural novel with a rather unique scenario. In the beginning, we are introduced to a young man--Daniel Kane--who is searching for odd jobs every day just to survive. His cousin, Kyle, allows him to stay in his cheap apartment--providing Daniel can get together enough money to pay half the rent. Immediately, Coates is able to show us the intrinsic differences between the two. Daniel is something of a rare anomaly nowadays; a gentle, caring person who woul ...more

  • Shaina

    This was an excellent ghost story. I loved the main character’s attitude; although he was a bit naive, Daniel was delightful. It’s nice to see his type of character. In a lot of ways he reminded me so much of someone close to me and he was hardworking, so I bonded with him instantly. It was very refreshing. I loved the entire premise and legacy of the family at Craven and the story surrounding it all. I loved reading this a lot. I received an advance copy and read it right away and could not put ...more

  • Jennifer

    Who doesn’t wanna read a book about a spooky mansion and the cranky misunderstood ghost having a crush on the human groundskeeper ?????

  • Paul

    somewhere between 3 & 3.5 stars. some good atmosphere yet i found the writing style so straightforward, which in itself isnt a negative but it wasnt quite as atmospheric as it may have been with a little more flourish. the ending also seemed a little draggy to me but overall an enjoyable read.

  • Lacey Allain

    Adding Darcy Coates to my favorite authors list! This book was spooky and fun, it reminded me of The Haunted Mansion and I loved it.

  • Matt Rudy

    I can't believe this book is nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award. It was a very average story.

    I decided to edit this review a little bit after talking to a few people and after thinking more about the story. Things make a little bit more sense to me now, but I'm still not sold on this book.

    The story starts out with Daniel getting a job offer to be the groundskeeper for Craven Manor. He decides to take the job because he really needs the money. Little does he know this manor is very haunted.

  • HK

    it was interesting at first but it got slow towards the end 😬

  • Teri

    3.5 stars

    I've seen Darcy Coates books all over Amazon and Goodreads, and her eerie covers always catch my eye, but I'd never read any of her work.  After Craven Manor was nominated for a Goodreads award in the horror category, I knew it was time to change that.

    My heart immediately went out to Daniel.  He's down on his luck, with barely a penny to his name, but is so generous to others.  Maybe he's a bit naive, but I awarded him bonus points for being an animal lover.  This author definitely know