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Tiger vs. Nightmare

Tiger is a very lucky kid: she has a monster living under her bed. Every night, Tiger and Monster play games until its time for lights out. Of course, Monster would never try to scare Tigerthats not what best friends do.But Monster needs to scare someoneits a monster, after all. So while Tiger sleeps, Monster scares all of her nightmares away. Thanks to her friend, Tiger has...

Title : Tiger vs. Nightmare
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ISBN : 1626725357
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Number of Pages : 64 pages
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Tiger vs. Nightmare Reviews

  • Emily W.

    **I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

    Thank you Netgalley and First Second Books for letting me read and review this book!! ^_^

    Before Thoughts:

    Can I tell you a fun fact about me?

    Okay get ready!!

    I fricken love tigers they are my most favorite animal in the world!! ^o^

    They have so many amazing qualities. They love swimming, they are excellent at blending in with grass, they are great hunters, and they also have a lovely fur pattern that I can't help but admire. And e

  • Kend

    Sometimes a monster is the only ally you need in facing down the dark. In Tiger vs. Nightmare, Tetri resurrects dreams of childhoods past, when the monsters under our beds were as exciting and interesting as they were scary, and when imaginary friends felt as real as our own parents. I found myself aching to pull out Calvin and Hobbes as I thumbed through the beautiful, sweet illustrations. Tiger and Monster's friendship is one of protector and protected, until along comes a nightmare so power ...more

  • Elizabeth

    I had finished the book I was reading during my break at the library, so I didn't have anything to read to try to kill the time, so I found this cute and short little graphic novel in our juvenile section. It's so short and has such a small amount of words, it's surprising it isn't considered a picture book. But because it isn't, I'm counting it as a book I read because technically it's a graphic novel!! :-)

    This book was adorable and with a really great lesson. It's about a monster who lives und

  • Nicole(Newbookcats)

    Everyone experiences nightmares throughout one's life. Even when you are little, you can have a nightmare that causes you to wake up with cold sweats and screaming. I have always had the idea that I must go to a good college with a substantial amount of scholarship money so then my parents are not forced into debt. There are many ways around that ending though. There is financial aid. I can also apply for a job as well to help with the costs. But those ideas and many others never stop my fears o ...more

  • Theresa

    I read an ARC via NetGalley. This graphic novel for beginning readers is about a young tiger who works with the monster under her bed to scare away nightmares. The watercolor artwork was evocative, but may be a little scary for picture book readers. However, it is perfect for ages 5-8. Recommended for young readers dealing with nightmares. A quick and cute read.

  • Melissa

    I LOVED this book! Tiger (who lives in a cool futuristic world with all animal characters but awesome flying vehicles that I totally want to see more of) has a monster under her bed who fights off her nightmares each night...until he can't. This was just such a cool twist on a common theme - little kids everywhere are equally scared of the monster under the bed and their nightmares, but Tiger here has made her monster her best friend and since he can't scare her, he'll scare away the nightmares. ...more

  • Crystal

    “Unclear Target Audience” ~ 3.5 stars

    Since Tiger was a baby, Monster has kept her company at night. Every evening they play games and when it’s time for bed, Monster battles whatever nightmares enter the room so that Tiger can sleep in peace. One night, however, Monster encounters a nightmare that she can’t fend off. Together, Tiger and Monster try to figure out a way to defeat the nightmare.

    Tiger vs. Nightmare is a difficult book to categorize. Tetri’s illustrations (in watercolor and mechanic

  • Jillian

    This was so adorable. ^.^ Wish I had a monster to fight my nightmares!