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Empress of All Seasons

In a palace of illusions, nothing is what it seems.Each generation, a competition is held to find the next empress of Honoku. The rules are simple. Survive the palaces enchanted seasonal rooms. Conquer Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Marry the prince. All are eligible to competeall except ykai, supernatural monsters and spirits whom the human emperor is determined to ensla...

Title : Empress of All Seasons
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ISBN : 0544530942
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Number of Pages : 384 pages
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Empress of All Seasons Reviews

  • Acqua

    Empress of all Seasons is a YA fantasy book set in a Japanese-inspired world in which humans have enslaved magical creatures, the yōkai. Mari, the main character, is yōkai herself - as an animal wife, she's able to partially shapeshift - and she'll have to hide her powers to win the competition to marry the prince... and then steal his fortunes.

    I wish I could have loved this book as much as I wanted to.

    In the beginning, I thought it was going to be a fun if a bit cliché read with great worldbuil

  • J.A. Ironside

    ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


    3.5 stars rounded up


    Do you like the anime films of Studio Ghibli? Do you have an appreciation for the aesthetic of Miyazaki? If so you’re going to love the world building in this book. There were times when the descriptions of the places and creatures of this book evoked the visuals of that anime in a visceral way.


    The plot follows Mari, a yokai girl (one of the Animal Wives), who has never quite fitted in amongst her people because she

  • Lily ☁️

    “Not everyone is all good or all bad.”

    I’m going to use this quote as a starting point, and say: not every book is all good or all bad. Because it perfectly encompasses how torn I feel about Empress of All Seasons.

    I think that ultimately, and sadly, I fell in love with the idea of this book based on its synopsis more than I did with the actual book itself.

    I loved the idea of Mari setting out to win a competition based on wit, cunning, strength, daring, and confidence, defying expectations place ...more

  • Cait • A Page with a View

    I sat on this review for several months to be sure aaaand I think this book just really wasn't a good fit for me personally... but many other readers will love it! It's an original, creative story with Japanese influences (which was by far my favorite part).

    Mari is a girl who's secretly a monster and doesn't believe a guy will ever love her. Her controlling mother has directed her to steal Taro's fortune by training to enter a competition where hundreds of girls try to survive the seasonal room

  • Chelsea Humphrey

    Even though this one didn't fully work for me, I still think it'll be an excellent story for many readers. It's not to say I didn't enjoy it at all, but I think my overall feel was too middle-of-the-road to garner anything higher than a 3 star rating towards my experience. The cover is swoon worthy and the influence of Japanese culture was stellar, and, honest to God, the intro was one of the most well written, engaging, and intriguing beginnings to an entirely unique fantasy idea that I've ever ...more

  • may ➹

    can someone tell me [inhales] what the HELL just happened

    3.5 stars

    “But not every happily-ever-after includes a man.”

    Empress of All Seasons is set in a Japanese-inspired world where every time the prince is in need of a wife, competitions to the death are held for all women—except yōkai.

    Mari, a yōkai, has trained all her life to enter this competition, and refuses to back down until she becomes empress. Taro, the prince, has no plans whatsoever of becoming emperor. And Akira, half-yōkai, half ...more

  • Aneta Bak

    Empress of All Seasons is a beautiful tale of Japanese heritage. I was extremely excited for this story and while I loved most of it, it definitely had a few setbacks.

    Mari is an Animal Wife, a yokai that transforms into a horrible monster and can trick men easily. Animal Wives are known for their beauty, but all Mari has heard her entire life is that she is plain. Knowing her fate, Mari chose to train to become an empress, but in order to do so she must first pass a competition where fierce fema

  • Sherwood Smith

    Mari is a yokai, a supernatural being. Her clan is the Animal Wives, who are a very cunning, beautiful, and cold type of yokai. They enchant human men, marry them and rob them and return to their village with their husbands' riches. Mari is that rarity, a homely Animal Wife, which earns her mother some scorn among the fierce women. But her mother trains Mari in weapons, and from childhood sends her to kill roaming samurai as practice.

    Mari hates to kill. She has an ambivalent relationship with h