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Dark Sacred Night

10 hours, 39 minutesLAPD Detective Rene Ballard teams up with Harry Bosch in the new thriller from #1 NYT bestselling author Michael Connelly.Rene Ballard is working the night beat again, and returns to Hollywood Station in the early hours only to find a stranger rifling through old file cabinets. The intruder is retired detective Harry Bosch, working a cold case that has go...

Title : Dark Sacred Night
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Dark Sacred Night Reviews

  • Bill Lynas

    Here's a double helping of Michael Connelly's creations as Renee Ballard teams up with Harry Bosch in another well written police procedural.

    Connelly juggles multiple plot lines as effortlessly as usual, & continues to develop one of his latest characters along with one of his oldest. On the down side Connelly once again uses a tired crime cliche, which lets the book down a little. Without giving this irritating piece of lazy writing away I'll just says that the author used it in the previou

  • Brenda

    This book is a combo Harry Bosch-Renée Ballard story. In my opinion, Bosch is a given; there’s no doubt he can easily carry the plot. Ballard, though, is almost an unknown in spite of reading the first book, The Late Show, where she is introduced. With that book, I had reservations about her being a stereotyped female Bosch. This book proves that may be the case, but it absolutely works and I’m thrilled! Bosch has always done things his way and mostly gets the job done. Ballard is very similar; ...more

  • Matt

    Always finding ways to be unique with his writing, Michael Connelly offers up something different for his fans in this latest novel, which mixes two of his most talked-about protagonists. Two detectives from two jurisdictions, sharing their life stories and bound together by a single cold case that has them fully committed. While working the ‘late show’, LAPD Detective Renée Ballard comes across former LAPD legend Harry Bosch flipping through old files. Ballard soon learns that Bosch is working ...more

  • Andrew Smith

    I really enjoyed the first Ballard book, The Late Show, in which the young female cop showed some of the vim and vigor we’d seen from Harry Bosch back when he too was an LAPD detective. Banished to the night shift after calling out her boss for sexual harassment, Ballard consequently nursed a chip on her shoulder as she remorselessly chased down her quarry. I thought it was a great book and seemed to promise a even money chance that at some point in the future she’d share some page space with Bo ...more

  • Lori

    It's a good read.

    ✓ Readable police procedure and politics

    ✓ Complicated and conflicted characters

    ✓ Every character has there own agenda

    ✓ An Avenger seeking justice for all—every life matters

    I didn't love it, but I wouldn't mind reading more.

  • Eric

    Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly throws together his longtime character Harry Bosch and LAPD Detective Renee Ballard in another grand police procedural.

    Ballard crosses the path of Bosch while he has been investigating a cold murder case of an underaged prostitute-drug addict. The two decide to investigate this murder and the novel moves on from there. The novel also includes other current investigative cases being worked on by the two detectives. One being where Bosch is actively being hun

  • Rob Twinem

    Bosch and Ballard together solving crimes in downtown LA, sounds a recipe for success, unfortunately my original enthusiasm was not realized. Ballard is the new kid on the block, first introduced last year in the excellent "The Late Show". She has a lot to prove, riding the night shift, surfing in the morning accompanied by her faithful dog Lola. It's tough working as a female detective always open to criticism and ridicule and constantly under the watchful eye of her male colleagues just waitin ...more

  • Marcel Driel

    The team up between Ballard and Bosch does a disservice to both: Dark Sacred Night is an unusual bland and sometimes even boring book which is more like a series of events than a story with a interesting plot. The ending is better then what came before, but the solution to the mystery came out of nowhere. Hopefully Connelly will get his groove back with his next novel.