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クラピカ主催の念の講習中に参加者の一人が殺害された。講習を続行しつつ、暗殺者を探すクラピカ。一方、第2王子は第1王子の殺害に向かい、第13王子の部屋では異変が。不可解な事件が続く中、旅団が動き出し!? ...

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  • Natalie

    So while I'm super glad that the Spiders have finally been reintroduced in this one... the majority of this volume honestly didn't interest me that much 8'D

    Honestly, just a lot of setup (again) and more political machinations and murderous plots from princes... Even the Spiders didn't really have anything interesting happen with them - despite the fact that they're looking for Hisoka (which if he's on the ship spells troubleeeee) there hasn't really been anything substantial with them...


  • Mahra

    "mafia+the spiders+zodyck family+hisoka+hunter association+kurapika+princes+successions war=omg"

    1. the spiders have good manners

    2. so the king has like tombs ready... there are 14 though?? will the king die too???

    3. i feel so bad for hanzo since he was in charge of protecting the princess but she died.. and he had his revenge so.. yeah

    4. the 2nd prince is planning something or she's just dumb.

    5. her nen cat power is amazing!

    6. the twin princes, fugitsu's power to make tunnels is cute! i love