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Listening time 11 hours 6 minutes The droughtor the Tap-Out, as everyone calls ithas been going on for a while now. Everyones lives have become an endless list of donts: dont water the lawn, dont fill up your pool, dont take long showers.Until the taps run dry.Suddenly, Alyssas quiet suburban street spirals into a warzone of desperation; neighbours and families turned aga...

Title : Dry
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Dry Reviews

  • Yusra  ✨

    release day TOMORROW i’m so ready for thisssss

  • Karen’s Library

    Well that was quite a ride, Shustermans. I’ve never been so thirsty as I’ve been the entire time I was reading Dry.

    This was a scary foreseeable future that is not far from being possible. I live in Arizona and we have been hearing threats for years about possible water restrictions being set in place, similar to what happens in Dry.

    In Dry, California runs out of water. As in, the water stops coming through the faucets. Nothing, nil, notta. How much water do you have right now in your house? En

  • lucie

    DNF @33%

    (for now)

    I don't feel like reading it right now. I'll come back to it later.

  • Tatiana

    It appears I've had my fill of natural disaster novels for teens. This just isn't holding my attention in any way. All story beats and characters are too familiar.

    Hate to compare YA to adult novels, but Paolo Bacigalupi's The Water Knife was a much more interesting story about climate change and water shortage crisis.

  • Jenny Baker

    Are all of Neal Shusterman's novels this entertaining? If so, I must read more of them. This felt so realistic. If you're thinking about reading this, I highly recommend the audiobook.

  • Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies

    This book is about Southern California running out of water. The situation is dire, but good fucking god, the main (female) character in this book is so mind-numbingly dumb that I don't want some water after drinking book, I want some fucking vodka, dammit. Yeah. I know the kids in this book are teenagers, but OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO STUPID. I am not exaggerating. I was literally gritting my teeth at the questionable decisions that were made in this book.

    First off, the premise. I liked it. This ne

    Then he meets my gaze, but rather than his typical bone-chilling glare, his eyes are different. Shimmering and glassy. Vulnerable. An honest display of emotion that I’ve never seen before. And in this single look I feel as if I’ve opened his personal .zip file; suddenly years of compressed emotional information comes bursting out, and I’m hit with an overwhelming truth.

    But he wasn't terrible. The main character is terrible. Her entire POV is a series of regrettable situations that put not only her, but her friends, and neighbors in danger. I wanted to strangle her. Yes, I have many feelings about this book. I cannot stand an annoying, stupid narrator. So as much as I liked the premise, this book is not for me. ...more

  • April

    I can definitely see this becoming a movie.

  • Neil (or bleed)

    One of my most anticipated books this year is Dry since it was written by my all-time favourite author, Neal Shusterman. And tell you what, it didn't disappoint me. Hah.

    I'm used to how Shusterman writes a novel so this wasn't a shocker that he's doing again the multiple POVs of characters in this book. Introducing his characters and revealing their selves, their intentions, their purpose in the story making it clear to readers that they are not just background characters. I like how Shusterman d