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The Mansion

After two years of living on cheap beer and little else in a bitterly cold tiny cabin outside an abandoned, crumbling mansion, young programmers Shawn Eagle and Billy Stafford have created something that could make them rich: a revolutionary computer they name Eagle Logic.But the hard work and escalating tension have not been kind to their once solid friendshipShawns girlfri...

Title : The Mansion
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ISBN : 150116550X
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Number of Pages : 415 pages
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The Mansion Reviews

  • ♥Rachel♥

    The Mansion started off a little slow for me with the introduction of characters and explanations of the technology Shawn and Billy were trying to invent way back before Eagle Logic officially took off. But as soon as that was out of the way, I was completely hooked wanting to find out what happened to Billy, Shawn and Emily in that tiny cabin on the creepy property of Eagle Mansion. Especially, since Billy and Emily are back, ten years after their spectacular fallout with Shawn, trying to fix t ...more

  • Wendy-Lynn

    I was so excited when I learned I won this through a Goodreads giveaway. Don't let the synopsis or the book cover fool you. There was no "horror" or "scary" anything in this one. It was slow moving, bizarre, and 400+ pages to boot!!! Was very disappointed to say the least.

  • Kristy

    **Thank you to NetGalley and Atria Books for a free copy of The Mansion in exchange for an honest review.**

    Best friends Shawn and Billy are talented young programmers who spend all of their spare time trying to create a revolutionary computer program that will make them rich. However, with the disappearance of a third party member and the introduction of Emily, Shawn's new girlfriend, their friendship begins to disintegrate. When Emily leaves Shawn for Billy, the once strong friendship is foreve

  • Cheryl

    Loved this high tech haunted house tale

    Years ago Billy Stafford and Shawn Eagle lived in a hovel on property owned by Shawn's family for generations. They were just starting out as programmers but were well on their way to creating the next generation of unseen before technology.

    Billy ended up with Shawn's girlfriend and started on a downward spiral with his life. And Shawn created a multi-billion dollar tech empire.

    Things would have been different if Shawn didn't come back to Billy years later

  • Mogsy (MMOGC)

    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum

    Following The Hatching trilogy, Ezekiel Boone returns with another sci-fi horror thriller, this time delving into the world of artificial intelligence by tackling an idea I’m sure most of us who utilize smart technology devices and AI assistants have entertained at some point or another. Every day my Amazon Alexa spectacularly fails at interpreting my voice commands is another day I can sleep easy knowing that humanity’s

  • Cats of Ulthar

    Review: THE MANSION by Ezekiel Boone

    Readers who have read Ezekiel Boone's HATCHING Trilogy know this author cranks up tense suspense and delivers the scares. I venture to predict: "you ain't seen nothing yet." THE MANSION scared the living daylights out of me, a Haunted House story like no other. Oh, a time or too writers or filmmakers have taken a run at the "Smart House" concept, but THE MANSION goes far beyond. (And yes, I also predict this one will be optioned for film.)

    THE MANSION draws in

  • Darinda

    Shawn and Billy once created a computer called Eagle Logic, but their friendship and business partnership went downhill fast. Shawn went on to build Eagle Logic into a a billion-dollar tech company. Now, it's years later, and Shawn needs Billy's help resurrecting an old project. The project is a next-generation computer program that has a problem Shawn can't work out on his own. He has housed the project in his family's old mansion, which he recently remodeled. Billy takes the job, and he and hi ...more

  • Michael Hicks

    A recovering alcoholic in a marriage on the rocks is offered a job to oversee a former hotel, now just a mansion, notorious for its macabre past. Sound familiar? Stop me if you've heard this one, then - there's a gifted child, in this case twins, with supernatural abilities thanks to being born with a caul.

    I've read this book before, and it was a hell of a lot better the first time around. In The Mansion, Ezekiel Boone wages a full-frontal assault against reader's interests, bogging down the fir