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Two Minus One: A Memoir

You can quit waiting for the other shoe to drop: Im in it for life. Those are the fateful, repeated words that help convince Kathryn Taylor to remarry, retire from her thirty-year profession, sell her home, and relocate in support of her new husbands career. But five years later, in a car packed with food she has carefully prepared to nourish her husbands dying brother, the ...

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Two Minus One: A Memoir Reviews

  • Susan Peterson

    Two Minus One is an intimate account of the shocking and unexpected disintegration of a marriage. This memoir is the personal account of one woman’s emotional journey as she tries to pick up the pieces of her life and move forward through grief and loneliness. The author did a wonderful job of sharing this sad time in her life with honesty and integrity. This would be a great book for anyone who is going through a divorce or any painful time.

  • Ameera

    The writing style was a bit off for me. But the book might be helpful to those who find themselves in a similar situation.

  • Literary Soirée

    TWO MINUS ONE: A MEMOIR by Kathryn Taylor is a heartbreakingly honest recounting of a heartless dumping by a gutless husband and the slow road back to recovery. The author is unsparing in her emotions, which makes this such a supportive book for anyone going through an unexpected, unwanted divorce. TWO MINUS ONE is another engaging example of the fine works written in the female voice published by She Writes Press. Highly recommended!

    Pub Date 06 Nov 2018

    Thanks to She Writes Press and NetGalley

  • Story Circle Book Reviews

    Kathryn Taylor, already divorced once at 40, "never saw it coming" when a married man named Jim befriended her and her two teenaged daughters, helping with typically manly tasks such as erecting a fence, building shelves in her new home, and even volunteering to read to the students in the public school where she taught.

    She didn't see that Jim was really planning all along to leave his wife and children, and marry Kathryn. His plan succeeds, and after Jim's divorce and a few years of increasingl

  • Bonnie Eldridge-labaff

    Book review

    Good book. We never know when we are devastated by a choice or act of something we have no control over will but us on the edge of despair. Sometimes being so close to the edge makes us reevaluate our existence and where we should be going

  • Diane Pomerantz

    In her memoir, Two Minus One, Taylor offers a poignant and well-crafted account of what it is like to be sixty years old, believing you are happily married one day, only to discover the next, having missed all of the clues, that you’ve been abandoned. This is certainly a story that demonstrates the powerful ways in which love is blind. This is a human story, one of vulnerability, insight and resilience. Highly recommended.

  • Shelby Sieg

    Eloquently and heartfelt written, Taylor's words describe betrayal at its finest. Under inconceivable circumstances and the curve balls life throws at her, Taylor picks herself back up and perseveres. A story of love, abandonment, friendship, courage and strength that anyone can relate to. After all, the saddest thing about betrayal is that is never comes from your enemies.

  • Aggie

    A true story about being blindsided by marriage and promises. Great memoir, will draw you in and wont let go. Very sad and uplifting at the same time.

    Thank you NetGalley for the free advance copy!