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The Wondering Years: How Pop Culture Helped Me Answer Life’s Biggest Questions

When you hear the phrase pop culture, you likely think reality television, boy bands or Real Housewives of various cities. While these are elements of popular culture, they arent all it has to offer. Pop culture may not cure diseases, topple political regimes, or make scientific breakthroughs, but it does play a vital role in the story of humanity.In fact, its pretty hard to...

Title : The Wondering Years: How Pop Culture Helped Me Answer Life’s Biggest Questions
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ISBN : 0785220844
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Number of Pages : 240 pages
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The Wondering Years: How Pop Culture Helped Me Answer Life’s Biggest Questions Reviews

  • Nicole Burrell

    I laughed. I cried. I did all the things, then I came back for more.

    Knox McCoy’s “The Wondering Years” is a candid look at his life and faith, told by way of a series of entertaining anecdotes and cultural references galore. It is -a rare thing- a book that will make you think about your own relationship with God while not boring you at all. A book that sounds and feels personal, like a friend talking to you in a coffee shop...talking to you, not at you. Big difference.

    Every kid who grew up in c

  • William

    A memoir laced with sarcastic pop culture references, what more could you want?

  • Rachel Dawson

    I was curious about this one,but honestly... I am not “pop-cultures” enough to truly appreciate the art of this one. I was pretty sheltered as a kid and was a 90s baby so most of his references and stories and analogies went straight over my head sadly. That’s not to say this wasn’t well written, funny, or worth reading— it just wasn’t one I personally could connect with! If you’re a movie buff or a little older than I am or you looooove all things pop culture and find them interesting points of ...more

  • Alison

    If I could give this book one adjective it would “relatable.”

    As a Southern Baptist born and raised, introvert by nature, and INTJ/Enneagram 5, I found many elements of this book to be 1) hilarious and 2) reflective of my own experiences.

    I spent my childhood and adolescence on mission trips, at VBS weeks, attending Teamkid and youth group, and going to church camp (often twice) every summer. My faith life was very easy until it wasn’t, and in college when I started to experience moments of doub

  • Laura

    Knox McCoy must be about the same age as I am, because we have almost all the same pop-culture touchstones (minus, for me, most of the sports references) although I have not kept up with his pace of pop-culture consumption. He grew up in the South so his early faith framework is familiar but certainly more rigid than what I grew up with. Nonetheless, I related strongly to his childhood perspectives. This book definitely made me laugh out loud (That dog-conversion chapter? Golden) and there were ...more

  • Diane

    "More than anything, God spoke to my heart and revealed that he really was fine with questions. Because at the end of the day, he knows that the answers to all the questions I’m wondering about, and have been wondering about for all these years, they’ve always led back to him. So why wouldn’t they still?"

    I wanted to give this a higher rating but I just didn't love it. I appreciate McCoy's vulnerability throughout; however, a lot of the pop culture correlations just fell flat. The connection wasn

  • Sasha

    I identified with this books so deeply. Having grown up in a similar, and possibly more religious culture than the author, only to question so many of the ideals later, yet still believe the core beliefs of Christianity.... I found myself laughing and even shouting “Yes!”, through this book. It’s so good to know I’m not the only one out there thinking this way.

  • Marci-Beth Maple

    I am a huge fan of Knox McCoy and his podcast partner, Jamie, so I was inclined to enjoy this book and I was not disappointed. I found his writing structure creative, his spiritual insights authentic and honest, and there wasn't a single essay I would have left out. If you are a fan of pop culture and a fan of Jesus, this will be a treat of a read.