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Queen Victoria: Daughter, Wife, Mother, Widow

Who was Queen Victoria? A little old lady, potato-like in appearance, dressed in everlasting black? Or a passionate young princess, a romantic heroine with a love of dancing? There is also a third Victoria - a woman who was also a remarkably successful queen, one who invented a new role for the monarchy. She found a way of being a respected sovereign in an age when people we...

Title : Queen Victoria: Daughter, Wife, Mother, Widow
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ISBN : B079DV28J5
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Number of Pages : 432 pages
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Queen Victoria: Daughter, Wife, Mother, Widow Reviews

  • Kate

    This biography held my interest for the most part, the final three chapters dragged a bit for me. Worsely storytelling is quite compelling, a tad dramatic at times especially when I listened to the audiobook as well. Not a bad introduction to Victoria’s life (her parents’ life intrigued me most), though I can’t comment properly about Worsely’s historical analysis/interpretation of Queen Victoria’s life.

  • Marie-Dom


    I couldn't put this book down. Lucy Worsley creates a vivid picture of Victoria throughout her life. Brilliant research, beautifully written. Evocative. A wonderful portrait of a great queen and woman.

  • Stuart

    "...compounded of ravens plumes, blood and snow..."

    "...widely known as coconut head..."

    "...perfectly happy conversing with the dead..."

    "...a cauldron in which the young princess was being slowly boiled..."

  • Christina

    I run past Kensington Palace almost every morning, and every morning I see a tourist taking a picture of the giant white statue of Queen Victoria. I realised, being rather American, that I don't know very much about Queen Victoria. So when I saw that Lucy Worsley wrote a book about her, I felt it was my civic duty to read it. (Side note: Lucy Worsley is one of the best people on the planet, and I want to be her when I grow up.)

    I really enjoyed this book. It is interesting, and it reads more like

  • Jessica

    Thank you to NetGalley for a free e-ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review!

    This is one of my favourite books from Lucy Worsley! Queen Victoria can be an overwhelming and sometimes infuriating monarch to study; there is just so much to sift through. In addition to all of her own diaries and letters (which is staggering amount of sources to begin with), you then have surviving diaries and correspondence from those who came into contact with her, and then newspapers, court circulars, and coun

  • Jenny Parsons

    Lucy Worsley’s writing appeals to me, her biography of Queen Victoria did not disappoint. A clear, entertaining and fascinating perspective on the Queen I knew less than I thought about.

  • Katie Lumsden

    I really loved this one. Lucy Worsley just writes fantastic nonfiction.

  • Carmen Lanero

    A delightful book. Easy to read, engaging and full of interesting facts about Queen Victoria. I recommend it if you are interested in this period of British History and in the Victorian era. The book describes 24 days of Victoria's life and it will help you understand her not only as a sovereign, but also as a daughter, mother and wife and how her early education influenced her decisions later on in life.