Read The Unwinding of the Miracle: A Memoir of Life, Death, and Everything That Comes After by Julie Yip-Williams Online

The Unwinding of the Miracle: A Memoir of Life, Death, and Everything That Comes After

As a young mother facing a terminal diagnosis, Julie Yip-Williams began to write her story, a story like no other. What began as the chronicle of an imminent and early death became something much more--a powerful exhortation to the living.That Julie Yip-Williams survived infancy was a miracle. Born blind in Vietnam, she narrowly escaped euthanasia at the hands of her grandmo...

Title : The Unwinding of the Miracle: A Memoir of Life, Death, and Everything That Comes After
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ISBN : 0525511350
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Number of Pages : 336 pages
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The Unwinding of the Miracle: A Memoir of Life, Death, and Everything That Comes After Reviews

  • Stephanie Borders

    Julie Yip-Williams was only 37 when she was diagnosed with the colon cancer that would eventually kill her. Married, with a burgeoning law career and two young daughters, Yip-Williams spent the next five years coming to terms with what death means. Her goal was to embrace the inevitable. She knew her disease would kill her, sooner rather than later. She was heartsick at the thought of leaving her two young daughters motherless. At the same time, death is the ending that we all must face, and Yip ...more

  • Kirsten

    Julie was a friend of a friend; I never met her.

    This is dark and intense. I had to read it in little chunks, so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. I especially liked her attacks on what she called the “hope industrial complex.” I so admire her honesty, even when it gets dark and brutal. She must have been really amazing.

  • Jennifer

    I started reading this book with the understanding that it would be published after the author died, but I wasn’t prepared for the emotional journey the book took me on. As I read, I experienced wave after wave of emotions, including sadness, joy, surprise, and frustration. And I confess, I laughed and cried while reading this heartwarming and heartbreaking story.

    In it, Julie Yip-Williams offers a balanced, well-rounded view of her experience with cancer and her preparation to die. She includes

  • Louise Wilson

    Julie Yip-Williams was just thirty seven years old when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Married, with two young daughters and with a career in law, she spent five years coming to terms and knowing that eventually her illness would lead to her death. Yes, its the circle of life that we all revolve around, but no one expects or wants to die that young! Julie's parents lived in Communist Vietnam. When Julie was born, she had cataracts and her grandmother begged Julie's parents to take her to a ...more

  • Stephen Yoder

    I don't weep all the time for books but this one got me. Julie was a lovable character, especially because of her relentless honesty. She reminds me a bit of CZ, a friend of mine who died a few years ago of cancer. I think they would have gotten along well.

    I enjoyed the emotional paths of many of these chapters, especially the one where she mentioned that she hated everyone. Life isn't fair and it is okay to hate here & there.

    Julie had an amazing, lucky life filled with miracles. It incredib

  • Candice Lee

    I feel bad writing this review as I don’t wish to speak I’ll of the dead, but this memoir was painful for me to get through. While I can appreciate the value it holds for individuals in similar situations, and I’m sure it’s a wonderful gift for her daughters to remember her by, I was bored to tears with the constant statistics, test results and cliches.

  • Andrea

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    The Unwinding of the Miracle by Julie Yip-Williams was outstanding. This is an emotional read, but worth the journey given the beauty of the writing. This is a memoir (posted posthumously) built around the author's terminal cancer diagnosis at 37. She uses her writing to chronicle the emotions of living with this disease. This includes her relationship with her husband, young daughters, and extended family. The title speaks to

  • Susan Hampson

    The story opens with a harrowing statement from Julie Yip-Williams and I was in tears, something that would continue to happen throughout this book. Each chapter an honest account of 5 years of her life and how her moods changed, her hopes and fears for her family and preparing her husband and little girls for the times she wouldn't be around anymore.

    Within a couple of weeks of Julie Yip-Williams being born the chances of her living a healthy, happy or long life didn't have good odds. Julie was