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Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 8: On the Outside

The greatest superhero team in Gotham City history is gone...this time, for good. How will the Dark Knight pick up the pieces knowing that his squad of vigilantes is gone? Find out in BATMAN: DETECTIVE COMICS VOL. 8!In the aftermath of the last stand of the Gotham Knights, Batman, Batwoman, Red Robin, Orphan, Azrael, Batwing and company took down a monster they helped create...

Title : Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 8: On the Outside
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Number of Pages : 144 pages
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Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 8: On the Outside Reviews

  • James DeSantis

    James Tynion has left Detective comics. Before Peter (The writer of Batman and Robin New52 and Rebirth superman) takes over they decided to give a arc to Bryan Hill, the main man behind the later volumes of Postal (I love this that series). So does Bryan bring something fresh to Detective comics? Well...

    The story is about a new villain around town. His name is Karma, and well...he's not happy with Batman. He blames him for some horrible events that have happened to him. He declares that Batman's

  • Kris Ritchie

    How do you follow up Tynion's fantastic run setting up Batwoman as a new potential dark hero turned villain? Apparently you don't.

  • Chris Lemmerman

    [Read as single issues]

    The ghost of Deacon Blackfire haunts the Caped Crusader, and only a trip into Gotham’s sewers is in order to stop him. Then, a bad judgment call from Batman’s past returns and targets anyone who has ever worked with the Bat. With his young sidekicks in danger, Batman calls in Black Lightning and Katana for assistance – but Orphan, the Signal, and Batgirl aren’t about to just sit on the sidelines when Karma comes calling.

    We open this first post-Tynion volume of Detective C