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Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1: Back to Basics

An alien invasion attacks New York City and the only one who can stop it is...Spider-Man?! But that's far from all you'll find here - a revelation from the past puts Peter Parker's job, relationships and whole life in jeopardy! And if even that's not enough, you'll see a new roommate, new love interests and a new villain!COLLECTING: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 1-5, FREE COMIC BOOK DA...

Title : Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1: Back to Basics
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ISBN : 1302912313
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Number of Pages : 152 pages
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Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1: Back to Basics Reviews

  • Scott

    Finally Spider-Man is back!

    No more of the rich industrial world famous scientist - it's just Peter Parker and Spider-Man having problems paying the rent, holding down a job, making bad jokes.

    The Spider-Man that I fell in love with in the early 70's (wow I'm old) has finally returned and this volume was fantastic!

    Ryan Ottley on pencils is a great choice. He's an amazing artist that brings all of the great aspects of Spider-Man and makes them better (ok I'm a little bit bothered on how he draws f

  • Borja

    Con lo que me gusta el dibujo de Ottley (razon por la que lo estoy leyendo), pero no termino de enganchar con las maneras de Nick Spender...

  • Blindzider

    Spencer's initial run has a main plot to introduce new readers to exactly who Peter/Spider-Man are. Without giving it away, the plot device has been used before, and feels a little..."soap opera-y" (and yes I realize comics aren't that far from it.) It takes a few issues but you learn the major components of their personality and what drives them, without going over his origin directly which at this point I don't think there's anybody that really doesn't know it.

    Spencer also makes a point to bri

  • Richard Choate

    Just what it says on the tin this volume is back to basics. Pete is down on his luck, he's back with MJ, and he gets to relearn the "with great power comes great responsibility" thing again. If you haven't read Spider-Man in a while this is a fun and hilarious reintroduction to the character you love. If you have been reading Spider-Man recently this probably feels like a regression of sorts as it abandons Peter's degree and his company, Parker Industries, to put him back in a classic mold. Both ...more

  • Jack

    Almost too jokey-ironic for my taste, but I like Spider-Man too much to not be even slightly charmed by this. I love the visual of The Lizard teaching a science class, and asshole roommate Boomerang is great. That being said Mark Waid’s Daredevil run does the “hey guys remember that goofy villain from the old days” bit without making a joke of it. If someone can make The Spot a good villain you can certainly make other low-tier villains like Taskmaster or Big Wheel compelling without making them ...more

  • Will Robinson Jr.

    I am not going to be around the bush. I had a lot of reservations about Nick Spencer taking over Spider-man. I was one of the folks who thought he had a great idea for Captain America. His run with that character started out great and the Hydra Cap story arc sounded good on paper but ultimately was not executed very well. In fact now Captain America's whole origin is a muddled and confusing. Not to mention a large bit of the Marvel fan base were outrage by the changes with many not reading Marve ...more

  • Alí Flores

  • Dan

    I felt this was a really strong start from new Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer. It's light-hearted Spider-Man fun for the most part with cameos from various villains. Spencer respectfully moves away from the things that Slott set up, pushing Spider-Man in a new direction without completely erasing his recent adventures. Poor Peter Parker has a big downfall in this volume which I hated from a liking Peter Parker perspective but appreciated as a reader. It's very much an introduction to the new run ...more