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A propulsive debut novel with the intensity of Luckiest Girl Alive and Before the Fall, about a young woman determined to survive and a mother determined to find her.When your life is a lie, the truth can kill youWhen her fiancs private plane crashes in the Colorado Rockies, Allison Carpenter miraculously survives. But the fight for her life is just beginning. For years, All...

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Number of Pages : 368 pages
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Freefall Reviews

  • Liz Barnsley

    Immersive page turner of a thriller. Review to follow.

  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews

    Allison by her own choice had no contact with her mother for two years, and then her mother found out that Allison had been killed in a plane crash.

    Maggie had not talked to her daughter since her husband had passed away, knew nothing about her life, and was at a loss to answer questions about her daughter.

    Maggie did what every mother would have done to keep in touch, but to no avail, and I admired her for searching out details about her daughter’s life under the circumstances.

    Maggie could find

  • Katie B

    3.5 stars

    This turned out to be a pretty solid thriller. Maggie Carpenter is devastated to hear the news her daughter, Allison, died in a plane crash. Even though they have been estranged for the last two years, Maggie is determined to find out more about Allison's life leading up to the crash. Except wait, Allison didn't actually die, but she doesn't want people to know she survived either. Told from the perspectives of a grieving mother searching for answers and a daughter who seems to be runni

  • Reading.Between.Wines

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫 / 5

    WOW you guys! Freefall by Jessica Barry is a fast-paced survival story that I absolutely could not put down!

    What it's about: Allison Carpenter is on her fiancé's private plane when it goes down over the Colorado Rockies. The pilot doesn't make it, but amazingly enough Allison survives. But Allison knows a terrible secret, one that some very powerful people will kill to keep under wraps. So she must run, and not let anyone know she is alive. Meanwhile, Allison's mom Maggie is told that h

  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)

    It's quite possible that I sometimes rate debut novels a bit higher than I would other books. Maybe it's because I always feel that the first book may be a little bumpy and therefore it's a learning process. So when I come across a debut that just bites at me like the bugs did to Allison in the woods... well, I just can't help myself. Ok ok, I realize that might not have been the best analogy but I hope you get where I'm coming from.

    Told in alternating views between Allison and her mother, Maggi

  • Elyse Walters

    News travels fast. There was a plane crash in the Colorado Rockies.

    Maggie Carpenter thought about pulling the phone cord from the wall. Avoid phone calls from busy-bodies and newspaper reporters.

    .....but she needed answers. She also knew Ali would need her clear-eyed.

    Maggie and the rest of the world was sure Alison was dead. Maggie had ‘plane-crash-death-visuals’....yet there was still a part of her that was hopeful that her only child was alive. “SHE HAS TO BE”!.......[and she was......Aliso

  • Laura Rash

    I’m amazed that this is a debut. Very clever and well plotted, it makes for a quick paced and entertaining read from the extremely exciting first chapter to the whopper of a finale.

  • Jannelies

    What do you do when you are in a plane that just hit the ground. Hard. The pilot is dead and you are wounded. You know you have to save yourself...

    The first chapter of this interesting tale is very captivating. Allison, one of our main characters, finds herself wounded, physically and mentally (why that is will be explained later) and knows she has to save herself. Although for the past few years she's led a very sheltered life, she is deep down still the same resourceful young woman. She doesn'