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Bound for Temptation

From the author of Bound for Sin comes a new historical Western romance that tests life and love on the Oregon Trail.Emma Palmer's been a lady of the night and a gambler, a thief and a blackmailer, a liar and a peddler of sin. But mostly a lady of the night. She's spent most of her life as the hard-as-nails, smart-talking 'Seline', working her way across the country to the g...

Title : Bound for Temptation
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ISBN : 0451492617
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Number of Pages : 384 pages
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Bound for Temptation Reviews

  • Arlena

    Title: Bound For Temptation

    Author: Tess LeSue

    Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

    Series: Frontiers of the Heart # 3

    Reviewed By: Arlena Dean

    Rating: Four


    "Bound For Temptation" by Tess LeSue

    My Thoughts....

    The author really has a good way of relaying a good story to the reader with great style and with some interesting characters. The two main characters were good with both being 'on the run' from California to Mexico. We have Tom being on the run due to having feelings for his brother's wife

  • Eileen

    Emma & Tom

    another great story that took us on a long journey. What could go wrong, did. They couldn't catch a break. disguised as a nun, along with her friends, she didn't act like one. Tom didn't understand why he was feeling attracted to her and felt really bad about it. the time away gave Tom the opportunity to work out his feelings for Alex, his sister-in-law. What he thought was love turned out not to be what he thought. his feelings for Emma were different and stronger. Learning who sh

  • Alicia

    This story centers on Emma Palmer and Tom Slater, as they race from California to Mexico trying to avoid a few posses that are chasing them and their attraction to each other.

    Really enjoyed this book. Lots of fun. Especially all the crazy ideas that Emma cooks up. Tom was cranky and reading the how he endured her torturous schemes was funny. Emma was a great character. I loved her in the previous book as well. She is definitely a sassy character.

    Received an ARC from First to Read.

  • Linda Rea

    I really loved this story I think even more than the book before this Bound for Sin. Seline has to get outta town before Hec finds her and makes her his slave so she sells her business, shaves her beautiful red hair and disguises herself so she can to to California. Well thanks to some of her friends they will be traveling in a group with Tom Slater and White Death which would of been ok but Tom has a price on his head. Well you have to love the vision of this group traveling to Mexico and tryin ...more

  • Renny

    I was surprised by how engaging and believable I found Tess LeSue’s Bound for Temptation. LeSue brought to life the characters, the friendship and the heat of travel through the California and Mexican countryside.

    I do occasionally enjoy a western historical romance, but I sometimes find the romanticizing of the realities of race and gender in the West to be uncomfortable. While LeSue did fictionalize the life and times of Gold Rush California, she also integrated some difficult realities of slav

  • Christina Oswald

    This series of standalone romances is fantastic. Although each book can be read easily by themselves, there is a storyline that flows though each book. Bound for Temptation is Tom and Seline/Emma's story.

    I love this historical romance. The life on the trail is hard. The banter between Tom and Emma is hilarious. There's action and suspense that will keep you hooked.

    The writing is fantastic. It's told in both Tom and Emma's POV.

    Reviewed on behalf of Once Upon an Alpha.

  • Angie Elle

    ARC from the publisher

    2.5 stars

    Bound for Temptation is the third book in Tess LeSue’s Frontiers of the Heart series, and while it is about three brothers, you could start here and not feel lost. But I would advise against that, as this installment was, in my opinion, the weakest of the series. I had my reservations about Emma, formerly known as Seline in previous installments, but she really won me over in this book. I adored her character. She had been hardened by her life experiences, but ther

  • Jess (ireadergosum) Reviews

    First of all, I LOVED Emma. She's an amazing female character--strong, a survivor, hilarious, and just AMAZING. She gives just as good as she gets, and her plans, well don't even get me started on all her plans.

    After about 100 pages in, I could not put this book down down. I say this because this book has some tropes I don't like, BUT I am so happy I stuck it out. I loved how Emma just blazed right through the barriers with the help her strong female friends. There is just so much girl power in