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Blood for Blood

Ziba Mackenzie profiles killers. Now one is profiling her.Rush hour, London. A packed commuter train is torn apart in a collision. Picking through the carnage, ex-special forces profiler Ziba MacKenzie helps a dying woman who passes on a cryptic message: He did it. You have to tell someone.When a corpse is found bearing the gruesome signature of a serial killer dormant for t...

Title : Blood for Blood
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Number of Pages : 319 pages
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Blood for Blood Reviews

  • Misty

    Blood for Blood was both a page-turner and a disappointment. What began as an edge-of-your-seat read quickly deteriorated into a muddled pool of feints and missteps.

    The book starts on a commuter train where Ziba MacKenzie is engaged in people-watching. It’s clear that she is keenly observant as she relates the minute details of her fellow passengers and silently passes judgement on each. The reader learns that MacKenzie is a successful independent “profiler”, in the process of emerging from her

  • Yolie McLaughlin

    I must admit that I was hesitant about reading this book because Victoria Selman is a new author. I was particularly interested in that the main character's name was Ziba. The name reminded me of Ziva David (NCIS) and that's how I pictured the character. Ziba is a very strong character and very persistent in getting to the murderer.

    The book beginning with the explosion of the train was what gave the story a great beginning! For me, I felt I was hanging on by a thread! The devastation showed a ca

  • Breia

    3.5 stars. I really liked parts of in and a profiler is always interesting. Sometimes this just feel flat though.

  • Barbara

    Amazon have spoiled Prime members this month with a new year double-whammy of not one but two 'first read' picks and this was one of mine.

    Ziba MacKenzie is a Special Forces veteran and a specialist in criminal profiling. Like every good superhero she has a talent (profiling, understanding human behaviour) and an Achilles heel (her grief over the murder of her husband). We meet her on a London suburban train just as it's about to crash with catastrophic impact. As Ziba tries to help the injured a

  • Tom Stretton

    An amazing start to a new series of books.

    The beginning of this story is absolutely breathtaking. It begins with our Heroine, Ziba Mackenzie, getting on an ill fated train in London. When the terrible fate of that train occurs we learn that Ziba has a certain set of skills that she's learned in her former calling as a special forces profiler and when a dying woman on the train tries to pass on a final message to Ziba, a whole long line of occurrences lead Ziba around London in an attempt to sol

  • Liz Horton

    I just finished watching “Killing Eve” and was in the mood for another story about a serial killer and this fit the bill. Compelling story, and although there were some head-scratching plot holes, it was very enjoyable. A good pick from the Amazon First Reads January selection.

  • Lynda Kelly

    This book was one of the two choices I made for the Kindle First offer for January. I've given up on it at 30%,'s full of military slang and I just got totally cheesed off having to keep looking up what she was on about. Especially as Ziba no longer works for the military. There's just no need for it and for me it ruined what is in essence an interesting story. Such a shame.

    She uses the word ass a lot as well when it should be arse seeing as we're based in England. Sentences like

  • Barbara

    Totally forgettable. In fact, even though I just finished it minutes ago, I may have already forgotten it. This was a first reads pick for Kindle for January. Thank goodness I didn't pay for it.

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