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僕のヒーローアカデミア 21 [Boku no Hero Academia 21]

大変! また“脳無”が街で暴れてるよ! 轟くんのお父さんが頑張ってくれてるけど、轟くんも心配だよね。でも、きっと大丈夫! だってエンデヴァーはNo.1ヒーローだもん! 私たちも信じて応援しよ! “Plus Ultra”!! ...

Title : 僕のヒーローアカデミア 21 [Boku no Hero Academia 21]
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ISBN : -
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Number of Pages : 200 pages
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僕のヒーローアカデミア 21 [Boku no Hero Academia 21] Reviews

  • Petros

    Yeah, the manga is a joke at this point. It ran out of things to say and now desperately tries to keep you reading with nonsense, such as:

    OOOOWWW who can the traitor be?

    OOOOWWWW is Hawk a bad guy?

    OOOWWWW is Deku going to unlock more powers from previous users of All For One?

    OOOOWWWW is Dabi the son of Endeavor?

    OOOOWWWW who controls the Nomu?

    OOOOWWWW how does Shinzo’s quirk work?

    As for the plot? More boring training and mock battles. Screw this…

  • M. Ashraf

    The #1 Hero Endeavor first battle against the Nomu cool, liked the the last stand! Still he is not All Might but he does his best!

    And more training exercise to come.


  • Timothy Pitkin

    Nice ending to the fight with Endeavor and the Nomu and also just overall nice development of the Todoroki family and their relationship and seeing Endeavor understanding what All Might was going through. Also nice to see class 1B in action as we really get to see what most of them can do.

  • Gabriela

    SHINSO IS BACK! YAS! Wow. Things are happening.