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Dirty Rich One Night Stand: Two Years Later

One and done. It was supposed to be one night. I knew his type. You don't fall in love with a man like Reese Summer, but I did. He swept me off my feet, seduced me, refused to take no for an answer. We became a power couple. The syndicated crime reporter. One of the country's top criminal attorneys. The fantasy became happily ever after until the next big trial of the centur...

Title : Dirty Rich One Night Stand: Two Years Later
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Number of Pages : 14 pages
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Dirty Rich One Night Stand: Two Years Later Reviews

  • Felicia Eddy

    What Lisa Renee Jones does so well (and why I love her so much) is the continuation of her characters and their stories. I love reading again and again about characters we fell in love with previously - it's like visiting old friends. That's why I the Dirty Rich series is fast becoming my all-time favorite.

    The newest book in the series revisits the couple who started it all Reese and Cat - Reese the sexy attorney dubbed Mr Hotness and Cat his wife the beautiful crime blogger/author. The pair ma

  • Lissette

    Cat has never forgotten the moment she met Reese in her favorite coffee shop. He'd upended her world in more ways than one. Back then, she'd believed she didn't need him. That she could do well enough alone. How wrong she was!

    Reese, on the other hand, had other ideas. In his mind, she was the perfect woman. One he needed to convince of that fact by any means necessary. Cat's turning up in his life was unexpected and changed the world around him. She's everything he ever wanted, and he'll do ever

  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰

    Reese Summer is back!

    Again he's the attorney trying to get a NOT GUILTY for his client in this huge case - a heiress who allegedly killed her father.

    Then there's Cat.

    She's still writing her crime column and she's in that courtroom with Reese every day.

    And she also just found out that she's kinda pregnant. But she doesn't want Reese to know - she doesn't want him to worry about her. He needs to concentrate on his job.

    And then we have a weird stalker ex of Reese's sniffing around the courthouse ..

  • Kelly

    Great characters with lots of stream plus humor, angst and suspense

    Note that this is a sequel (and a full story in its own right, not simply a novella) to Dirty One Night Stand, so make sure you read that first. If you’re a fan of the Dirty Rich series, another note of interest is that this book takes place partly in parallel with Reid’s book, Dirty Rich Obssession and after Dirty Rich Cinderella.

    I love the relationship between Cat and Reese; they’re truly partners, they truly get each other, a

  • Karina

    This was a wonderful read! Cat and Reese are back two years after and their love is still as strong as well as their connection to one another. Both are right where they want to be with successful careers and a life they want. Reese is getting ready for a new case and Cat is there to write about it in her column. This new chapter in their lives has them dealing with outside forces that have the possibility of testing the strength of the bond they have. As Reese is defending his client for a crim ...more

  • Tammy

    I so love the relationship that Cat and Reese have and how they know right off the bat when something is wrong with each other. I love getting to see more of them two years later and to see how much in love they are. Reese is this awesome attorney and Cat, with her article, always grounds him during his trials. So what happens when something happens to Cat and she can’t tell Reese about it, because he is in the middle of this huge trial. With their connection, he senses that something isn’t righ ...more

  • Babel

    A trial and loads of tribulations. This novel is packed to the brim with tension, threats and dangers. As intense and sparkling smart as I've come to expect from this author's focused narrative.

    I'm following the Dirty Rich series with steadfast interest as every couple lives a fantastic romance of their own. The first couple, Reese and cat, comes back after two years of bliss only to struggle with menacing problems punching them from all sides. The story revolves around a murder trial that is d

  • Jennifer

    Absolutely captivating, page-turning, sexy, exciting read! I don't know how LRJ continues to outdo herself.

    More Reese and Cat??? Yes please! I loved catching up with them but this isn't a sweet story. There are many aspects to this story: sexy scenes, murder, danger, mystery, intrigue, suspense and love! Reed and Cat's love will be tested. Is there love strong enough to withstand the storm? You'll have to read to find out. I loved the supporting characters as well. I am hoping that Cat's brother