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Cassilde Sam is a barely solvent salvage operator, hunting for relics in the ruins left by the mysterious Ancestorsparticularly the color-coded Elements that power most of humanitys current technology, including the ability to navigate through hyperspace. Cassilde is also steadily fading under the onslaught of Lightmans, an incurable, inevitably fatal disease. She needs one ...

Title : Finders
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Number of Pages : 372 pages
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Finders Reviews

  • Catherine

    Here's what I said in my blurb since it's not out and about yet:

    "Melissa Scott’s Finders is an epic tale set in a universe of hostile AIs and social collapse in the aftermath of a devastating intergalactic war. Cassilde and her lovers, Ashe and Dai, are salvagers and explorers, sifting through the remains of the high tech civilizations that have left their mark on the galaxy around them. Cassilde’s illness, Ashe’s previous betrayal and an implacable foe threaten their chosen family, their livel

  • Justin Robert Chernow

    Surprisingly good

    I took a chance on this book, and am pleased I did. It took a minute to get into it, but once I was fully immersed in the world the novel builds, it became increasingly hard to put down. Interesting, original, and fun. Looking forward to the next installment.