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Batman: Damned, Book Two

Book Two of Three. Provisional cover. ...

Title : Batman: Damned, Book Two
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Batman: Damned, Book Two Reviews

  • Sam Quixote

    The Joker’s still deaded and Batman and John Constantine are continuing to puzzle out whodunit - they don’t get much closer in Batman: Damned #2!

    There’s disappointingly little development in the increasingly trite-seeming plot, which is surprising as there’s only one more issue to go before this storyline wraps! This issue is basically an excuse for more street-level interpretations of DC’s supernatural characters for no reason!

    In the first issue we got Deadman and Zatanna, and here we get Jas

  • Onur

    Got further confused, maybe because I had forgotten about the first book. Still the story doesn't make me much excited for the conclusion. Cool flashback for Bruce tho.

  • Jocelyn

    I’m a sucker for good art and this is just beauuuuutiful (and dark AF, and evil).

  • Jennifer

    Pocatello & Bermejo can do no wrong with this series. Just perfectly written & the art is GENIUS

  • Nat Anbardjian

    Can't wait for #3 next year !

  • Ian De Quadros

    2 issues in I'm not entirely sure what's going on but it does look stunning. Let's hope there's a payoff at some stage.

  • Sadaf Sagheer

    The artwork is unbelievably gorgeous, I mean I honestly can't get over it. Story line wise it sorta left me wanting though, too much expectations after the first one sorta let me down a little.

  • Stratospherus

    Meh, this wasn't good as the first one. It's drawn out and the ending is unsatisfactory. Art is still great. At least, we don't have to see Batman's whopper :)