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A Dream of Steam

As the autumn shipping season draws to a close, Captain Thomas McGrath steps ashore to help his ambitious brother William rebuild the family sawmill. Despite Thomass aversion to debt, William convinces him to borrow heavily so they might convert their ailing, water-powered mill to steam. While adapting to the new technology, Thomas finds himself navigating between ax-wieldin...

Title : A Dream of Steam
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A Dream of Steam Reviews

  • Andrex

    Starting in August 1891 this fictional but historically based story invites us into the lives of several characters over the period of 2 years. William McGrath, 34, is a sawmill owner on Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Thomas, William's older brother, is captain of his ship Genevieve which transports the wood and other cargo. He is due back to port soon to pick up another shipment of wood. Alas, due to a breakdown, the cargo will not be ready. William sees the importance of changing the mill over to ...more

  • Gale

    “Murder and Mayhem along Michigan Shores”

    An extensive cast of characters pits their will and vaulting ambition (pun intended) against each other, as well as the harsh winters and capricious waters between the Great Lakes. There are so many characters, in fact, that a cast listing would be helpful. As multiple thread lines vie for the reader’s attention, cliff-hangers abound…leaving us in limbo for paragraphs--or even chapters before learning of their fate. Women play only minor roles, while tw